We are a New York State FOP Associate Lodge — one of over 2000 nationally comprised of over 100,000 members who support the greater than 400,000 active F.O.P. members nationally.

We are a New York State FOP Associate Lodge — one of over 2000 nationally comprised of over 100,000 members who support the greater than 400,000 active F.O.P. members nationally.

Currently our membership consists of nearly 500 professionals representing every specialty and sub-specialty related to healthcare both physical and emotional, as well as legal and business professionals.

Our members are called on daily by members of Law Enforcement Organizations (LEO’s) at local, state, and national levels to assist and advise in medical, health related, legal, and business situations with little regard to self remuneration.

Members of SURGEONS & ASSOCIATES LODGE #SA03 support and assist in all matters of health, business and life for law enforcement officers.

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2020 ID

If your current ID picture has a blue background, you should have received a 2020 ID. If you have...

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2021 Fall Dinner Meeting

The nest meeting of the FOP Police Surgeons & Associates Lodge #03 will be on Tuesday, October 19, 2021  at 6:00 pm at Westbury Manor in the Garden Room with use of the patios and outdoor areas.  We expect to be clear for 100 attendees, so while we hope many...

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40th Anniversary Celebration

Save the Date - Thursday, June 24, 2021 Join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration NYS Fraternal Order of Police Empire State Lodge Date/Time Date(s) - 06/24/2021 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm Hosted by NYS Fraternal Order of Police Foundation Honorees:Man of the Year:  FOP...

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Gerald Ente, MD

Members Helping Others:


In 1985 I was a young Pediatrician in private practice in Westbury, NY with a young family living in Jericho. I joined the FOP Surgeons Lodge SA03 because the Lodge President asked me to join his group of 12 Doctors, mostly ENT specialists.

By 1986 I felt that this Organization could amount to something doing good things and I decided to become President. We spoke with Counsel, legalized our existence, filed as a Non-­‐Profit with the IRS, and became OFFICIAL with all appropriate documentation. I met the (then) NYSFOP President, Robert Lucente, and received permission to expand our group.

We opened up membership to all Medical professionals (and a few non-medical friends), we followed the golden rule of the 4F’s: good Friends, good Food, good Fun, and no Freaking traffic tickets! I spoke to every group with which I was involved, we grew and grew and grew to over 300 members. Soon we changed our name to NYSFOP Surgeons & Associates Lodge SA03 since we were now half Medical Professionals and half Business Professionals.
We established a protocol of two wonderful dinner meetings annually with marvelous speakers, My Favorite raffles, awesome auctions, open bar, good food, and unbelievable camaraderie! We made good contacts and friends within the NYPD, NCPD, SCPD, and other Agencies as well.

Soon we were over 400 strong and a major supporter of the NYSFOP and their Foundation while continuing our growth spurt. We were heavily involved with Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors, Easter Seals schools and outreach
programs throughout NYS. We were instrumental in many responses to the 9/11 tragedies and we were involved in the recovery efforts for Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy. We adopted NYSP Troop L as our Home Team and enjoy great relationships!

During my 34 year term as President, we gave over $2,000,000.00 to worthy LEO and community causes. We are now approaching 500 members and we enjoy wonderful relationships with National, State, and Local FOP Lodges throughout the United States, we are well known and appreciated by the Law Enforcement Community. I have personally met and became friends with a diverse group of fantastic people and our Lodge has conquered the 4F’s.

Gerald Ente, MD,, SA03 President Emeritus

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We pledge to support the Police community and their family members

Dear New York State Police Surgeons & Associates Lodge #3,

The amount of happiness and joy that the SA Lodge has given to our family, especially through our two younger boys, Kevin Jr. and Shaun, is immeasurable.

You have given our boys, and family, back the joy, the quality of life and freedom that most typical children and their families deserve and get to enjoy often.

We will be forever grateful to N.Y.S.

One of the side effects of our son’s disease is the progression of scoliosis, which can be very painful.  With your gift of the Full-Sized Hospital Bed for our son Kevin Jr., he has been given a more comfortable place to relax and sleep when he is at home. The bed is designed perfectly for Kevin Jr., due to his brittle bones, he requires a bed that is tailored to these needs.

Our sons, like many with physical limitations, are usually anchored to the safety of the home. However, with your gift of the two beautiful Team Hoyt Running chairs, you have given them back the joy of being outside.  These chairs are safe, secure and, due to their design, have given our boys countless hours of “pain free” walks. We have also enjoyed bike rides, runs and trail adventures, all in the same chair!

As a parent, it is such a beautiful feeling to see your children happy and free from pain. It is also a great feeling to see countless people, young and old, come up to your children when we are outside and offer them a smile and words of encouragement.

What a true blessing it has been to receive the love and generosity that N.Y.S. has provided our family.

Kevin and Dianne Carroll

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